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Pinnacle Equity Solutions is a national association of senior-level, professional advisors who are all trained and supported in a common system to deliver high quality, customized solutions to business owners regarding the eventual exit from their privately-held businesses


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Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth by John M. Leonetti, CEO of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc.

Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth
by John M. Leonetti,
CEO of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc.

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Owner Stories & Testimonials

I want to ONCE AGAIN tell you how marvelous you have been. Truly. We are pleased as punch with the work you have done, your insights, your coaching, your diving into our personal finances, the firm’s, etc. Just one of the great decisions we made to engage you, and for this we greatly thank you!


Over the years I have watched numerous business owners leave their businesses in various ways. In most cases I would subsequently hear the regrets that many of them had. Invariably there seemed to be a lack of planning or an understanding on the part of the owner. They were so busy running their business they never took the time to step back and see the bigger picture.

I also thoroughly enjoy running my business but realize there is a harsh reality out there in the form of age and taxes. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I prefer the clarity of foresight so four years ago I started exploring an exit strategy. One of my major goals was to find a way to reward the people that had helped me build the business over the last 30 years. I also wanted to find a way to keep the business operating so these people could continue to work. I wasn’t looking to take a check and run.

Following Pinnacle 6-step exit planning process I had my personal goals and readiness measured and the appropriate exit options were explained to me.  Over the course of the following years I set about following the exit plan by building a long term management team and ultimately replacing myself.  I have shared the plan with the people around me and it has energized them. It has also removed a lot of conjecture about the future of the company. My wife is also very happy as it will allow us more time together.   I’m now on the more challenging stage of transitioning the ownership and completing my plan.

While I continue to evaluate the options as market conditions change, I am still moving ahead according to the plan. Having been fully informed of all the options available to me, and after having my personal goals so clearly evaluated and defined, I am totally confident in the decisions I have made.

I can’t thank John and his team enough for the guidance and for building this new service for owners such as myself.  The completely objective approach is refreshing and a true value-add to an owner in my position.  I would recommend Pinnacle’s process to any owner looking to gain clarity on knowing and then achieving their personal and business exit planning goals.