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Pinnacle Equity Solutions is a national association of senior-level, professional advisors who are all trained and supported in a common system to deliver high quality, customized solutions to business owners regarding the eventual exit from their privately-held businesses


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Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth by John M. Leonetti, CEO of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc.

Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth
by John M. Leonetti,
CEO of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc.

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Bob Scarlata, CBEC®

Contact Information:book image
Whitehorse Partners LLC
(615) 383-5222
59 Wyn Oak
Nashville, TN 37205
615-523-1104 Confidential Fax



Robert Scarlata, as Sr. Managing Director with WhiteHorse Partners, LLC and as an M&A Dealmaker since 1986, has closed multi-million dollar transactions in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, service, software, oil/gas and many others throughout the U.S. and Canada. Representative transactions within the last 48 months include a $28MM oil/gas services co, a $10MM winery, a $9MM healthcare related co, a $13MM transportation company & others. The key to successfully closing transactions is (1) No Surprises…create reasonable expectations; (2) Understanding the tax code as applied to a sale so as to maximize after-tax net; (3) Understanding the creative potential for maximizing company earnings have made $Millions of extra dollars for clients doing exactly that; (4) Comprehending the motivation of Acquirers and using their motivation to optimize the outcome for our Client/Sellers; (5) Utilizing the best M&A practitioners such as M&A closing attorney, M&A Tax Attorney, Due Diligence Documentation, Equipment & Real Estate Appraisal practitioners and others to insure the highest probability of getting from Letter of Intent to Closing. It’s a step by step approach that has repeatedly proven to be highly successful.

Robert graduated with an undergraduate degree in business administration from the University of Connecticut and a J.D. from the University of Miami. He got his start in college as the founder and 100% shareholder of a leasing business that rented 2 cu ft refrigerators to college students. After a 10 year career post law school in engineering and machinery sales with one U.S. and two West German companies with sales to Fortune 500 companies inclusive of Kodak, Mobil Chemical, 3M & many others, he acquired a firm specializing in the valuation, marketing & sale of privately owned companies. Since ’92, deal size and footprint have increased substantially ranging in size up to $79MM and covering nearly all of North America. As a Certified Business Exit ConsultantTM with the premier exit planning firm in the U.S., Pinnacle Equity Solutions, appropriately securities licensed (63 and 79) and with 29 years of documented exit planning experience Robert and his team are prepared to provide M&A guidance to you and your clients wherever you and/or they may be.

Robert has translated his wealth of knowledge into a reader friendly overview of his and his clients’ experiences in his book Manage To Sell Your Business: Wealth Creation Secrets of the Pros, available on Amazon and Kindle. Contact Robert for a free copy BScarlata@WhiteHorse-Partners.com. Or call him at 615-383-5222. Securities conducted through MidAmerica Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SiPC