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Pinnacle Equity Solutions is a national association of senior-level, professional advisors who are all trained and supported in a common system to deliver high quality, customized solutions to business owners regarding the eventual exit from their privately-held businesses


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Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth
by John M. Leonetti,
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Dan Rossi, CEP


Contact Information:
FEIC Business Equity Solutions, Inc.
147 Federal Plaza West
Youngstown, OH 44503



Dan Rossi is president and founder of FEIC Financial Incorporated, a Registered Investment Advisory firm, and FEIC Business Equity Solutions, a Business Exit Planning firm.

Founded in 2006, FEIC Financial, Inc. is an outgrowth of the original company Dan founded in 1969, First Educators Investment Corporation.

FEIC Financial, Inc. is a full service money manager, providing financial management services to individuals, and currently has managed assets of over $38,000,000.

Dan founded his first company in 1969, First Educators Investment Corporation. Since then, he has accumulated over 42 years experience, pioneering financial planning techniques and strategies, thus creating substantial financial gain for clients, while seeing significant company growth.

FEIC Financial, Inc. provides professional financial strategies for its clients through the use of cutting edge technology rarely seen in the financial planning industry. These state of the art techniques create cost reductions for clients in various areas, including income taxes, credit card and mortgage interest charges, savings from mortgage finance management, cash flow management, greater profit from real estate investments, in both residential and investment properties, savings on automobile purchases, major home repairs and improvements, significant cost reductions through budget planning management, and much more.

For many American’s, income from employment cannot keep up with the growing demands placed on it, by the constant upward spiraling of inflation, taxation, and cost of raising a family. But fortunately, the professional money management strategies and services employed by FEIC Financial, provide tremendous positive financial results, thereby allowing the client to achieve financial gain, through the type of services that many times are only available to the wealthy, thereby achieving a significantly higher quality of life, with less worry and stress.

FEIC Business Equity Solutions Incorporated is a business exit planning firm that Dan founded in 2011. This firm provides a service that helps business owners plan for their eventual exit of their company, through a financial planning process known as Business Exit Planning. Typically, companies realizing the greatest benefit from Business Exit Planning are closely held corporations privately owned. These companies range in size, from five million, to two hundred million in annual sales.

The exit planning process employed by FEIC Business Equity Solutions, involves the application of a unique and little known technique, that when utilized, uncovers the wealth that a business owner has unknowingly trapped or buried inside their business. In most instances, a buyer of a business is unwilling to pay for equity that isn’t easily identifiable on balance sheets or income statements. Also, in most cases, banks are typically weary or unwilling to loan, based on it. Consequently, the business owner looses what could be the greatest value that they have amassed in their business over their working years.

FEIC’s Business Exit Planning, facilitates a process, that not only brings that hidden equity to the surface, but converts it into additional cash, either in a lump sum, or a additional income stream, thus allowing the exiting owner to transition into the “second half” of their life, in the lifestyle that they have grown accustomed to.

Dan is a Certified Estate Planner CFP, a Certified Business Exit Planner CBEC, a Certified Biblical Stewardship Trainer CBST, and has attended numerous financial planning training schools for both individuals and business planning.

Dan has also been a active participant in the ministries and demonstrates a deep faith in his desire to continue growing in relationship with Our Lord.

He has been involved in the formation of several Bible study groups over the last twenty years.
He has studied the bible extensively and earned the designation of Certified Stewardship Counselor. He teaches this course to his staff on a weekly basis.

He teaches Youth Ministry at his local parish, Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church in Youngstown Ohio, and is dedicated to helping the young grow in their relationship with our Lord.

He founded and was president of the Catholic Men’s Fellowship of the Diocese Of Youngstown from 2007 through 2012. This organization helps men grow deeper in their relationship with our Lord through fellowship with other men, expanding their present knowledge of our Lord, and being active in the evangelization of men. This organization grew to 400 men, who actively participate in a variety of activities including annual conferences, fellowship groups at their parishes, and other events.

Dan has been active as past President of the Legion Of Mary of the Diocese Of Youngstown. Along with others, he helped parishes around the diocese to organize chapters, and to form a greater awareness of our Lord’s Mother, and the tremendous role she play’s in our daily lives

Dan also ministers to residents of nursing homes. He has done this since 2005, giving talks on the importance of drawing closer to our Lord, and growing deeper in relationship with him, praying the Rosary in groups, distributing the Holy Eucharist, and praying over the departing.

He has been an active member of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel church his entire life. He is a Eucharistic Minister, and a Lector there.