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Pinnacle Equity Solutions is a national association of senior-level, professional advisors who are all trained and supported in a common system to deliver high quality, customized solutions to business owners regarding the eventual exit from their privately-held businesses


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Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth by John M. Leonetti, CEO of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc.

Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth
by John M. Leonetti,
CEO of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc.

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ESS Full Report

Pinnacle supports its Certified Business Exit Consultants™ and Members with market-leading tools that assist you, the exiting owner, with planning, preparing for, and achieving a successful exit. Pinnacle’s office writes more exit plans in direct partnership with our international Membership than any other organization. It is very unlikely that you will have a situation or an issue that we have not seen before and designed creative solutions to resolve. Like medical professionals, we believe in diagnosing a situation before making prescribing a solution. Our ESS Report™ is the process and tool that facilitates this assessment process.

Based upon John Leonetti’s industry-leading book, Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth, the ESS Report™ follows the proven 6-step exit planning process that has been successfully used by hundreds of other business owners. Pinnacle’s Exit Strategies Solutions™ (ESS ) Report is the most comprehensive and dynamic written exit plan available to owners today. This fully customized, 80 to 100 page report provides in-depth analysis and a path forward for owners to achieve a successful business transition. The ESS Report™ provides owners with:

  • A holistic view of their complete wealth, including their illiquid business.
  • The owner’s Value Gap, which is the amount of money that needs to be drawn from the illiquid business to achieve personal, financial freedom.
  • The Range of Values for your privately-held business.
  • Detailed explanations and analysis of the five (5) primary exit options available to the owner, including the pros and cons of:
    • Selling the business to an industry player / competitor
    • Taking on an investment partner with a private equity group recapitalization transaction
    • Installing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to cash in a portion of your business.
    • Selling your business, over an extended period of time, to your management team.
    • Transferring a portion or all of your business to family members via gifting programs.
  • Tax implications of each of the various exit options, including the expected net result of each exit option.
  • Potential deal structures that would detail how and when an owner can receive their ‘exit proceeds’.
  • The legal agreements that need to be signed to complete your business transition.
  • A review of your existing advisory team who will support you in the planning and execution of this engagement, including recommendations on where specialized advice may be required.
  • A series of specific, fully customized recommendations designed to assist the owner with preparing for and executing on an exit transaction.
  • Plus a countless number of additional strategies that can be incorporated for your specific needs.

Creating an ESS Report™ is a highly interactive process that includes the active participation of the business owner. The ‘exit planning process’ is all about focusing you, the owner, on understanding the key issues that you will face with your exit while also providing you with all of the information and analysis that you need to make a fully informed decision regarding your business exit.

Your senior-level, professional Certified Business Exit Consultant™ has received advanced, in-depth training on all of the critical areas of the ESS Report™. Further, as a Member of Pinnacle Equity Solutions, the CBEC™  holder has access to our international network of exit consultants as well as support from our headquarters to assure that you receive the highest quality exit planning process, document, advice and support for the most significant financial and emotional transaction of your life. Our office writes more exit plans on behalf of our international Membership than any other organization. It is difficult to have an issue that we have not seen before and brought creative solution to.

Click here to watch a short video that further explains our ESS Report™ process or contact a Certified Business Exit Consultant™ or Pinnacle Member near you today to get more information and to begin the process of begin fully prepared for your business exit. If you want specific advice on how to get connected to our Certified Members, feel free to call our Canton, MA office at 781-821-2608.